Bring your home closer to nature by choosing GREENER to frame your building project. With an ambitious and clear vision, we have created a new line of sustainable bricks and tiles, which are made more sustainably and reduce their carbon impact by 50 % when compared to traditional bricks.



When building a home, it’s important to choose the best materials for both style and function. With our GREENER line of products, you can combine sustainability and aesthetically pleasing bricks and tiles to create your dreamhouse with natural materials. We guarantee a reduction of the environmental impact of the products with full documentation, so your house can safely last for generations.



GREENER is our line of sustainable products produced exclusively with electricity from wind turbines and biogas. By burning biogas instead of fossil fuels, we match the amount of CO2 that the plants absorbed from the atmosphere when they grew, which means that the environment is polluted with significantly less carbon dioxide. In doing so, the products’ environmental impact is reduced by 50 % – without compromising the technical qualities that characterise modern bricks.


Our GREENER products cost about 10 % more compared to our traditional bricks. But since the exterior of a building is only part of the overall budget, it is a small cost to opt for this green upgrade. In projects where work is done with environmental certification, our line of sustainable products will make a significant impact.


Build for generations

While bricks are already a sustainable choice of material due to their long lifespan, we can still do better. Our ambition is not limited to political framework agreements on energy targets - but rather the vision of creating the world's most sustainable products.


It is about showing respect for communities, the individual and the environment – and everyone who builds has a responsibility to think sustainably. Well-designed architecture – when combined with materials that stand the test of time and age gracefully – therefore remains attractive for generations to come. We recognise the fact that social, environmental and economic sustainability go hand in hand.


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