Ultima is a series of waterstruck bricks in linear format. Ultima has the length of two ordinary bricks and a height of just 38 mm. The long format creates a unique and distinctive expression. The obvious choice for exclusive projects.
Waterstruck 468x108x38 mm.

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Ultima is a series of waterstruck bricks in linear format. Each brick is a work of art. Not two bricks are alike – but vary in surface and appearance. This creates a unique and distinctive expression in the final brickwork – and adds a touch of edge to any architectonic piece of art.

When using a material so organic and detailed as Ultima bricks, it does not only stand out but enriches the appearance of its neighbouring materials. It’s the mixture of tranquil repetition and adorable variation in the masonry, that creates a unique and soothing backdrop beyond standards.

When creating the best atmosphere for contemporary life, everything comes into play. The nearby environment and surrounding climate, the ideal use of materials, space and the smart rethinking of comfortable interior designs. Combined, it’s the pursuit of well-being in a changeless structure, where the minor details play an important role.

It’s architecture with the sole purpose of serving the lives of the people in it.


When creating unique architecture, great ideas aren’t always enough. Grand designs take every detail into account. Light. Shadows. You name it.  

One could argue, that Ultima is really just humble servant of visionary architecture and sunrays. Playing a tiny part in creating mesmerising atmospheres. Fuelling innovative visions that form something bigger. And contributing with a format that adds an exceptional touch to any project. Ultima are waterstruck bricks in a new exclusive format. 468 x 108 x 38 mm. A format out of the ordinary.

With the length of two ordinary bricks the long format can shape something, that other bricks can’t even imitate. The erratic surface variations, the delicate curvatures and uncountable hard-burnt details creates an exclusive expression. With the height of just 38 mm the Ultima bricks has a refined effect on any facade it’s applied to. The high repetition of bricks vertically and the prolonged linear format horizontally is certain to create a distinctive and unique look.

Ultima has a format to achieve the extraordinary. A format crafted for perfection that makes Ultima the obvious choice to achieve astonishing brickworks for delicate and delightful architecture. Made from natural and sustainable materials, the Ultima-bricks are burnt to make an impact and to make the unimaginable possible.

Come see for yourself how our most exclusive brick has the power to embody that great idea, that brings your vision to life.