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Pre-stressed brick beam can be used for very large spans. Evaluations of brick beams' sections show that pre-stressed brick beam rarely has any tensile stress and that they are normally no cracks.

Pre-stressed brick beams ensure:

  • That no displacement cracks appear through support
  • That brick beams never lay or press on window and door frames

The crossbars - the masonry on which the brick beams lay - must be placed in the first layer on both sides on at least 3/4 bricks, and at the end, on at least 1/2 bricks.



Pre-fabricated wall beams are used in facing or back-up masonry. The wall beams can be applied as an individual structure or with the existing masonry. The beams may be produced with movable reinforcement. The calculation always means that it can bear the total load.

Wall beams with their own load capacity
The existing masonry will not be calculated for the load capacity.

The sizing and static calculation are included in the price, in the case of pre-stressed lintels in standard format from Carlsberg Bjælker™.



The Hørning City Hall was built with red RT 307 machine-processed ”hand-made bricks”. The longest pre-stressed brick beam is 5 bricks long, 9 layers high and 8.84-m long. The pre-stressed brick beams have a visible side on both exterior sides.

Pre-stressed brick beams treated with slurry plaster are supporting beams in finished buildings. Each beam is 4 bricks wide (47 cm), 10layers high and has a visible side on both exterior sides.

A pre-stressed brick beam treated with slurry plaster is 3 1/2-brick wide (41 cm) and 9.25-cm long. The pre-stressed brick beam has a visible side on both exterior sides. Carlsberg Bjælker have produced some pre-stressed brick beams with over a 12metre span.

The longest pre-stressed brick beam in free-standing masonry has a span of 7.93 m. To bear the wind load, there are wall binders inserted between the two wall braces, so that a grid effect is obtained in the hollow wall structure. The two lowest layers of the brick beams are 41 cm wide.



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