Masonry brackets are available in standard forms, but they're often modified and delivered with special forms, adapted to the individual projects.

The brackets to mount masonry must be EC certified and made of anti-corrosive material that meets the requirements of the actual exposure class. For example, in the exposure class MX4, one should use stainless steel in at least Quality 4 (stainless and acid-proof). There are also requirements concerning the masonry bracket deformation, so that no cracks occur in the masonry.

As far as sizing is concerned, it's quite important to make a difference between the declared and the calculated load capacity.

By choosing the bracket solutions offered by Carlsberg Bjælker™, all regulations are complied with in full. In any case, it is recommended for damp-proof courses, expansion joints and other similar elements – in brief, it's a complete optimized solution.

Requirements, calculations and quotes

Do you need advice, or would you like to receive a quotation for your estimate? Kindly contact our consultants or send us your material.

If you're sending us sketches in electronic format, please make sure that:

  • The material is in PDF format, the dimensions are mentioned on the sketch, and any other additional sketches may be sent in DWG format.
  • The data should contain a plan, a sectional drawing and a façade sketch.
  • Other data may be sent in an e-mail, or attached in a Word file.

Kindly send your materials or questions to:

Phone +45 87 11 45 11 
Fax +45 87 11 45 10

Sketches on paper

Sketches on paper may be sent via post to the following address:

Randers Tegl
Carlsberg Bjælker
Tindbækvej 16
DK-8830 Tjele

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