Bricks for window sills

Randers Tegl bricks for window sills create an attractive, durable finish under the windows.

The bricks for window sills are processed as smooth extruded bricks with a drip edge. They come in red and soft blue, unglazed.  Glazed bricks for window sills are available in stock in 5 standard colours. Glazed bricks for window sills are impervious to dirt and water coming down from the window. 

Width: 68 mm
Maximum height: 56 mm
Length: 170 mm


The standard range of our bricks for window sills contains:


Red extruded bricks and smoked bricks.


Transparent (T101), brown (K101), medium blue (A182), black (G101) and white (H101).


Pre-fabricated window sill elements
- the optimal solution for detail 

The bricks for window sills can be delivered as a pre-fabricated element of extruded bricks.

The element creates an aesthetically pleasing solution with many advantages:

  • Delivery with frost-proof joints with very low water absorption.
  • Glazed window sill elements are resistant to algae and similar organisms.
  • Time is spent in fitting the element, as opposed to laying individual bricks.
  • Elegant and symmetrical distribution

Dimensions: 170 x 68 x 56 mm (maximum length: 2.80 metres)

The window sill elements are available in 3 grout colours:
Dark grey, light grey and light yellow.

Build the right house first time

It costs a little more to have a completely brick built house, but it's a very worthwhile investment. The inner walls made of bricks help to adjust the building's temperature, as they store heat and cool air.

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