Carlsberg Bjælker™
A part of randers tegl

Carlsberg Bjælker™ is an independent arm of the Randers Tegl group, Scandinavia's leading brick supplier. Carlsberg Bjælker™ has over 20 years of experience in the field of  pre-fabricated brick element production.

Thanks to our specialisation in this field, we can realize even the most sophisticated projects with bricks. Our unique production method offers a solution that is technically, commercially and optically superior.

One of the strengths of Carlsberg Bjælker™ pre-fabricated brick elements is that our products feature a uniquely high proportion of brick. We retain at least 80 % of the brick volume and we avoid using concrete and steel cores. In this way we ensure that the brick building is in harmony with the remaining structure, without risking the occurrence of cracks, or chipping. This also means that our elements offer elegant solutions with a greater architecture freedom and fewer expansion joints.

Everything is possible

”If you can draw it, we can build it”. This is our motto here at Carlsberg Bjælker™. We fulfil any request with pre-fabricated brick elements and have lots of experience that we are ready to share. Our consultants are used to thinking unconventionally and are ready to challenge conventional thinking in all phases of the project up to the actual building phase. Hence, we are called on to build unique and visually stunning solutions in many countries.

Bricks from other producers 

Our wide knowledge in the field of pre-fabricated brick structures leads to requests from many countries. For this reason, we have a lot of experience with consultation and calculation for unique buildings. We are also used to bricks from a series of other suppliers in Denmark and in other European countries. Whatever the origin, if the material is brick, we know what to do with it.

Savings and optimization

We have over 20 years of experience in setting up visionary projects made of bricks. Our expertise in the field of sizing and optimizing brick buildings often leads to us working together with architects and construction companies to find flexible solutions. Hence, the technical features will improve, the solution will be more elegant and we normally reduce the cost of the entire project.  

Our consultants have a lot of experience as solution-oriented partners in demanding projects, where the right solution is based on the costs, safety and aesthetic aspects.

We define standards

It is not without good reason that Carlsberg Bjælker™ has become a byword for quality pre-fabricated brick beams. Our special bond technique is now a standard in the field of pre-fabricated beams, since our structures are technically superior when compared with the poorly reinforced structures. Our core focus is on solution-oriented work on all forms of brick buildings without compromise.

Thoroughness without compromise

All the elements from Carlsberg Bjælker™ have been calculated and built in our special factory. Here, theory and practice unite, applied together through calculations and drawings made by engineers. Each individual project is based on detailed calculations, and every structure is delivered accompanied by the necessary documentation.

When we deal with external suppliers, we set our standards high. For example, we only use brackets of the highest quality.


The production

Requirements, calculations and quotes

Do you need advice, or would you like to receive a quotation for your estimate? Kindly contact our consultants or send us your material.

If you're sending us sketches in electronic format, please make sure that:

  • The material is in PDF format, the dimensions are mentioned on the sketch, and any other additional sketches may be sent in DWG format.
  • The data should contain a plan, a sectional drawing and a façade sketch.
  • Other data may be sent in an e-mail, or attached in a Word file.

Kindly send your materials or questions to:

Phone +45 87 11 45 11 
Fax +45 87 11 45 10

Sketches on paper

Sketches on paper may be sent via post to the following address:

Randers Tegl
Carlsberg Bjælker 
Tindbækvej 16,
DK-8830 Tjele

Build the right house first time

It costs a little more to have a completely brick built house, but it's a very worthwhile investment. The inner walls made of bricks help to adjust the building's temperature, as they store heat and cool air.

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