Bricks for indoors 

Randers Tegl has an extensive and varied range of bricks suitable for interior walls. Read more about the various options or contact us for advice on complete brick structures.

Basic 4-indoor

A machine-processed ”hand-made brick”, specially designed for plastered interior walls. The brick is fired at a low temperature, as a traditional machine-processed ”hand-made brick”. The resulting brick is extremely true to size. Moreover, this brick has four visible sides, so it's very suitable for partition walls visible from two sides.

Water-struck bricks

These bricks are traditional machine-processed ”hand-made bricks” with a rough surface, especially suited to surface treatment, for example, with abrasive plaster. Machine-processed ”hand-made bricks” are available in different colours, with three or four visible sides. The latter are good for partition walls.

Light bricks with sawdust

A machine-processed brick to which 30 % sawdust was added to the clay. The finished brick is lighter than a solid brick, and hence is easier to process.

Extruded bricks

Extruded bricks are available in many colours. Moreover, there are more versions with different holes that support various needs in terms of masonry.

Build the right house first time

It costs a little more to have a completely brick built house, but it's a very worthwhile investment. The inner walls made of bricks help to adjust the building's temperature, as they store heat and cool air.

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