Inspiration for bricks

A building completely made of bricks - where both interior and external walls are made of bricks - has many advantages.Brick and mortar are inorganic materials that ensure a healthy and natural indoor climate. In a house built entirely of brickwork, there are no hidden chemical surprises. Here you can see some examples of interior design with bricks, rough brick walls and walls set with abrasive plaster. 

Rough bricks indoors

Walls made of rough bricks, also known as ”blank masonry”, offer various options for creative solutions and unique details. The variations are many. The options are even more numerous when you alternate the blank masonry with surfaces applied with abrasive plaster. Bricks have all the properties of good natural materials: they last very long, they have harmonious colours and they never look worn out.


Fireplaces and hearths

The crackling fire has always been a comfortable place for everyone to gather around. Many have brought the fireplace into the living room or kitchen. The open, brick-made fireplace is often replaced by a brick-made fireplace with glass doors, in order to better use the resulting heat. An open hearth or a brick-made fireplace stores the heat, as bricks absorb heat longer and it stays inside long after the last embers have gone out.


Bricks in large buildings 

Walls made of rough bricks and blank walls are often used in large buildings, for example, in educational institutions, conference centres and company headquarters. This happens, on the one hand, because the rough brick walls offer interesting and attractive architectural solutions, but mostly because brick walls don't need any maintenance, make a decisive contribution to maintaining a proper indoor climate, reduce noise and provide good acoustics, while still supporting a pleasant temperature. 


Walls set in abrasive plaster

Processing with abrasive plaster or felting of the walls indoors is carried out using coloured mortar, or, as after-treatment, with diffusion-open colours, i.e. silicate colours. Extruded bricks, light bricks with sawdust and Moler bricks have sharp, smooth edges on one side, while traces of production are visible on the other side, in the form of pressure marks from the conveyor. Walls treated with abrasive plaster, made of machine-processed ”hand-made bricks”, have a pleasing surface with a striking brick structure. If the walls need to be similar on both sides, use water-struck bricks with 4 visible sides.

Build the right house first time

It costs a little more to have a completely brick built house, but it's a very worthwhile investment. The inner walls made of bricks help to adjust the building's temperature, as they store heat and cool air.

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