Pre-fabricated front and wall elements made of brick fulfil alternative needs and visions of brick fronts in places where building traditional masonry would be difficult or costly.

Façade elements made of bricks are based on our unique competence in producing pre-stressed brick elements, as well as pre-fabricated brick walls. The elements are available in sections of up to 4.10 x 9.30 cm, in all current bonding systems, and in thicknesses of 108, 80, 60 and 54/48 mm.

Front elements made of brick may be used as separate building elements, or as supporting elements/brick beams on traditional masonry. The elements are ready-made in the factory and don't require any additional processing. They are assembled on cast-in consoles and brackets, adjusted to the form of the supporting building.

The EU regulations for durable building encourage the use of construction materials and structures with a certified longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs. There is already huge interest in the many possibilities that the combination of pre-fabricated front elements made of brick and traditional masonry offer for new buildings, as well as for façade renovation.