The coating of ceilings indoors and outdoors has been made with facing bricks. For the new DnB Nors headquarters in Oslo, Randers Tegl has supplied 600,000 RT 540 Pantheon for masonry and 400,000 RT 540 Pantheon for a. o. 5,725 lfdm. brick beams, and 1,400 qm brick ceilings pre-fabricated at Carlsberg Bjælker™, as well as 100,000 grey pavers for balconies and pathways.

The covering of ceilings, indoors and outdoors, has been made using facing bricks.

The covering of ceilings outdoors has been made with facing bricks. The structure was made in 5-brick wide (59 cm) and 2.35-m long sections. The brick sheets are produced with the help of the tension technique and were mounted under a concrete layer with hinges and bracket anchors. The element that builds the passage between the ceiling and the front is a 3-layer brick beam which is anchored with the help of brackets.