This brick factory has been owned by the Randers-Tegl group since 1982. The brick factory was acquired with the sole purpose of developing the best clay roof tiles on the market. The basis was the classic Danish national roof tile in the colour nuances that go well with the solid Danish building style.

The brick factory was modified and rebuilt, so that today it's one of the most modern in Northern Europe, with a rational and actual production, that sets a whole new standard for the quality of traditional hollow tiles.

At Højslev, we produce roof tiles from a unique clay mix. The roof tiles are formed and dried with the visible side upwards. Finally, they're fired at particularly high temperatures. The result is a particularly solid roof tile with a hard, smooth and dirt-proof surface, reduced water uptake and unique climate resistance.

Besides the floor tiles, it produces 3 types of folded tiles with complete accessories made of brick. The 110-m long oven has a yearly capacity of 17 million roof tiles, distributed in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Højslev roof tiles are delivered in many different colours - from classic red to yellow, brown and soft blue, to engobed red and black.

Højslev Teglværk