Carlsberg Bjælker A/S in Randers is the special factory of the Randers Tegl group, specialized in the production of pre-stressed lintels and beams made of brick.

Carlsberg Bjælker A/S functions as an autonomous unit on the market. That's why we can produce beams and lintels made of brick from the Randers Tegl group, but also from other producers.

Carlsberg Bjælker A/S has the greatest experience on the market related to the calculation and production of pre-stressed brick lintels and beams, as well as of pre-fabricated brick elements, brick ceilings and floors. In the project phase, an array of experienced engineers will advise you on the various options for the optimal use of the building.

With the pre-stressed brick beams from Carlsberg Bjælker, it's possible to reproduce the architects' and beneficiaries' ideas - everything is possible with bricks.

The pre-stressed brick beams made by Carlsberg - even for large areas - don't feature steel beams or concrete cores. At least 80 % of the brick volume is preserved. That's why the brick beams fit so naturally within the rest of the masonry.

Carlsberg Bjælker