From the piper brick factory to the randers tegl group

Carl piper's first brick factory

In 1911, the Danish engineer Carl Theodor Piper acquired the brick factory in the Danish city of Viborg. The clay wasn't of the best quality, so in 1917 Carl Piper bought an area with first class clay, at Stoholm, close to Højslev, and built another brick factory there.

In 1949, Carl Piper and his son, Preben, decided to close the factory in Stoholm and to build a new factory in Mønsted instead. This brick factory was one of the first in Denmark to work the whole year long, using heated drying rooms instead of drying barns out in the open. The brick factory in Mønsted burned in 1952. Instead of rebuilding it, Preben Piper decided to build a new and by far more mechanized brick factory to the South of Hammershøj, where he could find great quantities of good quality clay. The brick factory in Hammershøj became one of the biggest in Northern Europe.


The gandrup brick factory

In 1967, Preben Piper bought the Gandrup brick factory. In the '70s, besides the already existing brick factory, he built another, and then, in 1988, a third. The Gandrup brick factory is nowadays Northern Europe's biggest brick factory, with a capacity of approx. 75 million bricks per year.

The højslev brick factory - a success from the start

At the beginning of the '80s, during the Danish building crisis, Piper's brick factories, at that time was lead by the 3rd generation represented by Jens Piper and Lars Piper, the Højslev brick factory. Højslev clay is Denmark's best clay for roof tile production - and this was exactly the point of the purchase. The old brick factory was transformed into Denmark's largest and most modern special brick factory, destined for the production of clay roof tiles. In May 1983, the first Højslev roof tiles were delivered.

Vindø and tychsens brick factories

After 50 years of fruitful collaboration, the Piper's brick factories bought the well-managed Vindø by Hobro factory, in 2007. In the same year, Randers Tegl took up the distribution of bricks from Tychsen's brick factory, which had been bought in 1992 by Preben Piper.

Carlsberg bjælker - what can't be built from masonry bricks

Within the Carlsberg factory pre-stressed brick beams are developed that change everything. By using the technique with pre-stressed bricks, one can produce brick beams for large spans, roofs and brick elements that cannot be made of traditional bricks.

Laumans glsuerteknik

Glazed masterpieces from laumans

The collaboration with the traditional German roof tile producer Laumans started in 1997, when Randers Tegl took up the commercialization of the unique glazed and engobed folded roof tiles made by Brothers Laumans, and started distributing them in the whole of Scandinavia. After the building crisis that had lasted a couple of years in Germany, the Højslev Teglværk brick factory took over the management at Brothers Laumans, in 2004.


Medarbejdere Gandrup 1905

Højselv 1879

Build the right house first time

It costs a little more to have a completely brick built house, but it's a very worthwhile investment. The inner walls made of bricks help to adjust the building's temperature, as they store heat and cool air.

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