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RT 550 Unika


Blackish grey-reduced waterstruck brick. The special colour is achieved by firing twice.

This brick is sold as GREENER without further cost. 
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Unika – Our premium bricks crafted exclusively at our brickwork in Denmark. The Unika series is a line of waterstruck bricks. This manufacturing method ensures a high level of surface variations and unique details – one of the visual trademarks and the reason why we value this historic production method.

We source only the best blends of local and imported clay for Unika. Each product has a specific recipe that determines the final color scheme. Moreover, the addition of charcoal in the firring process on some types enables a rich play in colors.

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There is a greener alternative

Bricks are 100 % natural material. But in the production – from clay to building material – there is room for improvement. That’s why we proudly present GREENER – our greener alternative.

This brick product comes in a GREENER version. Bricks labelled GREENER are produced with sustainable energy; Wind that is renewable and biogas. Biogas is made from organic material, and the amount of CO2 emitted when burning corresponds to the amount of CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere in the material’s lifetime.

As a result, every single brick has a significant lower environmental impact than a traditional brick. Actually 50 % lower. And that is fully documented in form of EPD.

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Wall bricks

Brick-built dwellings

The modern single-family home is brick-built. Buildings in brick are robust and are ideal for the Scandinavian climate because brick has properties unlike any other building materials. Brick-built dwellings have a healthy indoor climate, are energy-efficient and last for generations.

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Prices & delivery

Pris pr. stk.: 11,00 kr. frit leveret Jylland/Fyn
Pris pr. stk.: 11,50 kr. frit leveret Sjælland og brofaste øer

Pris inkl. moms pr. 1. januar 2014

De vejledende murstenspriser er baseret på køb gennem en af vore forhandlere og gælder samlet leverance på over 6.000 mursten. Ved leverancer under 6.000 mursten vil prisen være højere.

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Formater og forbrug
Dansk Normalformat har målene 228 mm lang, 108 mm bred og 54 mm høj. Fugerne er som regel 12 mm bredde. Forbruget er 63 stk. pr. kvm. facade, men for at tage højde for spild ved tilpasning og håndtering anbefales at regne med 66 stk. pr. kvm.