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Laumans Tiefa XLTOP

Graphite noble engobed interlocking roof tile

The copper red noble engobed Tiefa XLVariabel interlocking roof tile has a semi-matte and indestructible surface, with a vibrant play of colours between light and shadow, and a sleek and rounded shape that makes for an exciting, modern roof. Tiefa XLVariabel is an exclusive roof tile, but at an extremely reasonable price, because there only 12.4-12.7 roof tiles are used per sq.m. There is a complete programme of noble engobed accessories.

Laumans is a German subsidiary of the Randers Tegl Group. For over a hundred years, Laumans has been synonymous with glazed and engobed roof tiles of a unique high quality. Laumans combines generations of attention to quality with innovative production methods. The result is a wide range of modern and exclusive roof tiles with strong glazings and engobes.

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Frost guaranteed

Tested by theScandinavian climate

Our roof tiles are hard burnt and extremely resistant, so they withstand even the toughest winter cold. We call it frost guarantee.

Wall bricks

Brick-built dwellings

The modern single-family home is brick-built. Buildings in brick are robust and are ideal for the Scandinavian climate because brick has properties unlike any other building materials. Brick-built dwellings have a healthy indoor climate, are energy-efficient and last for generations.

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The value of the roof in the long term

Tile has by far the greatest durability and lasts twice as long as the cheapest types of roof. A new roof in tile is more expensive, but actually represents the cheapest solution in the long term. This model illustrates the development in value of a 200 m2 roof over a period of 80 years.

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Prices & delivery

Pris pr. m2: 334 kr. frit leveret Jylland/Fyn
Pris pr. m2: 347 kr. frit leveret Sjælland og brofaste øer

Pris inkl. moms pr. 1. april, 2023

De vejledende tagstenspriser er baseret på køb gennem en af vore forhandlere og gælder samlet leverance til en tagflade på over 150 m2. Ved tagflader under 150 m2 vil prisen være højere.

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