Randers Tegl
The look and feel
of Scandinavia
Randers Tegl
The look and feel
of Scandinavia

Waterstruck bricks are Scandinavian heritage. Refined and perfected for generations.

Bricks have framed Scandinavian lives for centuries. From churches and castles to homes of the many. From ancient times, clay has been dug up from the underground, mixed with water, formed in moulds and burnt to last for generations.

We have spent the last century refining and perfecting the traditional manufacturing method. Today, we produce waterstruck bricks that resembles the rich texture and unique look of old-fashioned hand-stroked bricks but has the technical advantages of new modern bricks.

Not two waterstruck bricks are alike, each brick has a natural inconsistency in colour and texture. This creates a unique and distinctive expression in the overall brickwork and offer the architect a variety of options to adorn a building a distinct purpose or identity.

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A greener alternative

Bricks are 100 % natural material. But there is still room for improvement. 

Our bricks labelled GREENER are produced with sustainable energy; Wind that is renewable and biogas. Biogas is made from organic material, and the amount of CO2 emitted when burning corresponds to the amount of CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere in the material’s lifetime.

As a result, every single brick has a significant lower environmental impact than a traditional brick. Actually 50 % lower. And that is fully documented in form of EPD.

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A format for
every project

Ultima is a series of waterstruck bricks in a extra-long format. You can explore the full product range at our English website.

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  • RT 150 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 150
  • RT 151 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 151
  • RT 153 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 153
  • RT 154 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 154
  • RT 152 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 152
  • RT 156 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 156
  • RT 158 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 158
  • RT 159 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 159
  • RT 160 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 160
  • RT 161 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 161
  • RT 162 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 162
  • RT 163 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 163
  • RT 164 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 164
  • RT 165 Ultima ULT
    Ultima, RT 165

A format for
every project

Explore our projects with waterstruck bricks all over the world. You can find more projects at our English website. 

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We deliver worldwide

We have a network of partners all over the world. We also arrange for shipments to countries where we are not represented with distributors or dealer contacts.

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We've been into bricks since 1911

The foundation for Randers Tegl Group was laid in 1911 when Carl Theodor Piper bought his first brick plant. Since then, the business has grown through the acquisition of brick factories and extension through Scandinavia and Germany.

Today, Randers Tegl Group is still a family business, presided over by the Piper younger generation. Their activities make Randers Tegl Group one of the leading brick producers in Northern Europe – a brick producer with a great capacity and a wide range of premium products – developed, refined and perfected for generations. 

As one of the largest brick suppliers in Europe, Randers Tegl Group strives to be a responsible manufacturer. For that reason, all brick factories are continuously renewed with the latest technology to ensure an environment-friendly and sustainable production as well as a great working environment.

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