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RT 562 Unika


White soft-moulded multi-coloured brick.

Unika are our exclusive bricks. The series consists of  water-struck bricks with many details and exciting, playful colours. The bricks of the Unika series have undergone a longer production process in order to reach their final form. Their unique surface structure gives a strikingly dynamic facade with many varieties. Every single brick of the Unika series was burnt to make an impact.

Please note: Reference images are indicative and variations in color play may occur depending on the brick's firing and surface treatment.
Product photos are studio shots of dry bricks. Finished masonry that is exposed to wind and weather will naturally change expression. We therefore always recommend seeing real reference buildings.

DK-FF 228x108x40 mm


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The modern single-family home is brick-built. Buildings in brick are robust and are ideal for the Scandinavian climate because brick has properties unlike any other building materials. Brick-built dwellings have a healthy indoor climate, are energy-efficient and last for generations.

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