RT 545 Unika Atlas


Yellow waterstruck brick with grey and white interplay of colours.

Unika – Our premium bricks crafted exclusively at our brickwork in Denmark. The Unika series is a line of waterstruck bricks. This manufacturing method ensures a high level of surface variations and unique details – one of the visual trademarks and the reason why we value this historic production method.

We source only the best blends of local and imported clay for Unika. Each product has a specific recipe that determines the final color scheme. Moreover, the addition of charcoal in the firring process on some types enables a rich play in colors.

Please note: Reference images are indicative and variations in color play may occur depending on the brick's firing and surface treatment. Product photos are studio shots of dry bricks. Finished masonry that is exposed to wind and weather will naturally change expression. We therefore always recommend seeing real reference buildings. Order free samples

Texture / revit

Find the right texture in the masonry or the building by combining bricks, bonding patterns and joint colours fra our assortment. Choose one or several textures and download the collection med a variety of the wished texture wich can be used in programs like REVIT and AutoCad.

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Texture / revit.

Visual tool

Create your dream house with our online visual tool. You have the opportunity to choose between seven different houses with all type of bricks and roof tiles in our assortment. And when you are closer to finding the dream house, you can se, save and print all the combinations.

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Visual tool.
Wall bricks

Brick-built dwellings

The modern single-family home is brick-built. Buildings in brick are robust and are ideal for the Scandinavian climate because brick has properties unlike any other building materials. Brick-built dwellings have a healthy indoor climate, are energy-efficient and last for generations.

See why well-being is something you build