Ultima, RT 157

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A characteristic colour riot toned by nature

Ultima is a series of waterstruck bricks in an exclusive linear format. Ultima has the length of two ordinary bricks and a height of just 38mm. The long format creates a unique and distinctive expression. The obvious choice for exclusive projects.

Please note: Reference images are indicative and variations in color play may occur depending on the brick's firing and surface treatment.
Product photos are studio shots of dry bricks. Finished masonry that is exposed to wind and weather will naturally change expression. We therefore always recommend seeing real reference buildings.

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Waterstruck with engobes 468x108x38 mm
Estimate: 42 Ultima bricks per m2

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A greener alternative

Bricks are 100 % natural material. But in the production – from clay to building material – there is room for improvement. That’s why we proudly present GREENER – our greener alternative.

Bricks labelled GREENER are produced with sustainable energy; Wind that is renewable and biogas. Biogas is made from organic material, and the amount of CO2 emitted when burning corresponds to the amount of CO2 absorbed from the atmosphere in the material’s lifetime.

As a result, every single brick has a significant lower environmental impact than a traditional brick. Actually 50 % lower. And that is fully documented in form of EPD.

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