General points regarding the economy and environment


The requirements for all new construction will soon be climate certified. The choice of materials will then become even more important if your building is to become an economic and environmental success.


All production of building materials causes CO2 emissions, which impact on the environment. Bricks and tiles are no exception. What makes bricks and tiles winners from an environmental and economic point of view is their exceptionally long lifespan and their minimal need for maintenance. The Danish Technological Institute estimates that the total price per square metre of new brick and tile construction is significantly lower than that of other materials by virtue of their low maintenance costs. Bricks and tiles therefore pay for themselves more and more as time goes by. The same applies to the impact that bricks and tiles have on the environment. Initial CO2 emissions produced from the manufacture of bricks and tiles are offset over the long lifespan of the building. Buildings built using bricks and tiles usually have a long service life and lasting value, not only because of their intrinsic properties, but also because these materials are timeless and provide a classic, stable solution. They look beautiful – even after many years. People want to live in and maintain these buildings for generations.