Bricks and tiles are made of natural materials.


Use natural materials whenever you can.


By using natural building materials such as clay, we guarantee a healthy future for future generations. We don’t actually know how long the bricks and tiles will last because some of the oldest brick- and tile-built buildings still stand today. Bricks and tiles contain burnt clay and sand – and no sinister additives. The clay we use comes primarily from clay pits near our factories. The clay was formed during the ice ages and lies immediately below the top layer of soil. When we extract the clay, we first remove the topsoil before extracting the clay and taking it to our brick- and tileworks. Once we have extracted the clay, we restore the land and put the topsoil back so that the soil can be used for agriculture once again. The landscape, the soil and the groundwater are not adversely affected.



Any obsolete building materials in the bricks and tiles can be recycled. Anything that cannot be recycled bio-degrades. The material is free of chemicals that can cause environmental problems. It can be recycled as a ballast in road building or similar construction projects. Any residual mortar can be removed from the bricks and tiles which can then be recycled in new buildings. Interest in recycled bricks and tiles has increased. Older bricks and tiles have a beautiful and distinctive patina. They also impact positively on the environment and continue to enrich and give pleasure to future generations.


The extraction of clay from the landscape is an eyesore, but we restore all the areas where we carry out extraction and return them to agricultural or recreational use.